Ways & Means

Some chapter projects raise funds to cover normal operating expenses.  If you have a fund raising idea, present your project idea at a local board meeting for agenda consideration and membership approval.

The state organization raises funds to cover MNWT operating expenses.  The State Store raises funds by providing promotional items displaying the Women of Today logo.  Several items are available for purchase including pens, notepads, bags, manuals, and more.  The State Store is open at all conventions, Local Officer Training Session (LOTS), spring area meetings, and other state sponsored events.  Items can also be purchased by placing an order with the State Store Manager.

Fund Raising Projects held by our chapter include:
  • Scrapbook Event -- Craft, Paper, Scissors -- September
  • Meat Raffle -- St. Augusta Legion -- 5th Wednesday/5th Sunday of month
  • Bingo -- Goodfella's -- Monday evenings
  • Hosting Product Parties -- 31 Party, Party Light
  • Direct Order/Selling -- Pizzas, Butter Braids, Purse Hooks, Candy Bars
  • Brat Sales -- Cashwise, Coborn's
  • MNWT state trimester promotionals